Art Knows No Borders, Haifa was a collaborative event focusing on the vibrant and diverse arts scene of Haifa and featuring music and talks by Palestinian and Israeli artists. Attendees included both local Arab and Jewish residents, international travelers, and visitors from Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. The event took place on March 30th, lasting from 7:30 pm – 1:30 am. As a blossoming example of peaceful coexistence, and home to a burgeoning alternative culture, Art Knows No Borders, Haifa brought attention to the struggle for coexistence, showcased local artists, and highlighted the dynamic beauty of cross-cultural art.

  • Introductory talk and performance by acclaimed English-Israeli producer and musician Mark Smulian Renowned for his role as a founding member of Israeli-Palestinian collaborative band Whiteflag Project. His prominent work includes production for both Palestinian and Israeli artists such as Mosh Ben-Ari, Shotei Hanevuah, and the Anger Boys, and work on cross-cultural musical teaching project Lydianstream.
  • Performance by Rasha Nahas, a twenty year old Palestinian singer song-writer involved with organizations such as and Music in Common. She mentioned that due to March 30th also being Land Day she felt that it was both difficult and also very important to perform. Expressing her initial feelings of hesitation, she particularly stressed after her performance how happy she was to be part of this movement and that she considers Art Knows No Borders’ work to be of great importance.
  • Acoustic act by popular Haifa based band Gunned Down Horses They have performed throughout Israel and Europe and are enthusiastic proponents of coexistence. Additionally they have been very supportive of the event and provided critical contributions to both sound and planning.
  • Arab-Jewish folk band Illegal Siblings. Based in Jerusalem, Illegal Siblings combine elements of traditional Jewish, Arabic, and European folk music with Arabic and Hebrew lyrics. Illegal Siblings independently contacted Art Knows No Borders, and stressed during their performance both the importance of the festival and the critical need for additional similar events.
  • Performance by psychedelic-folk band Jaki and Rimoch on the Road, a traveling Israeli duo who has opened for international acts including Alice Cooper, and for whom the overcome of artificial boundaries is a common theme.
  • Political satire by Haifa based comedian and musician Kultur King, who confronts right-wing ideologies and politicians though comedy.